July 21, 2014


TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA The comfiest tee ever? Yes, you heard right. Don't you love those super old clothes that have great stories behind? Well I do, so here's the story about this cool and colorful tee: It's actually older than me which makes it even more interesting for myself. My mom got it while she was in Florida in the early 90s with my dad and they brought back SO many of those oversized tees which you can get basically anywhere over there. This particular one (which is my absolutely favorite out of all) she got in Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida. It's basically the coolest theme park ever, she said. I'm kind of jealous right now while looking at all the pictures and stuff like that and wished I was there right know.

July 18, 2014


COLOR EVERYWHERE As you can see, I just can't stand bright and fun colors lately. I seriously have no idea how that even happened since I always hated wearing colors and always prefer the good old neutrals but what can I say... People change, moods change, I changed. We are in the middle of summer right know so there is obviously no better time to wear bright colors, right? I'm on a little challenge right know, trying to combine every single colored clothing piece that I have in my closet at least one time. I have showed you a few of them in some previous articles - so today we're talking about this awesome neon pink top.

July 13, 2014


LACE IT UP FOR SUMMER Every woman knows this kind of situation when you just want to have a chilled out day lounging around in sweatpants and hoodie and running some errands and exactly on that day you meet someone you really want to impress by looking the best as you can. Well, I've definitely experienced these kind of situations a lot in my life and feel like I'm always meeting someone special when I'm having one of those chilled out days but oh well, we need to stay confident no matter how we're dressed! As I'm typing these last sentences a very famous quote pops up in my head and I'm sure you guys have already heard it before: ''Always dress like you're going to meet your worst enemy today.'' 

July 10, 2014


VK COLLECTION X TRENDIQUE Today here's something special and I couldn't wait to finally show you this article which is about one of my latest favorite jewelry lines. We always try to show you here on The Trendique only the best from the best and I am more than happy to finally introduce you today to VK-Collection. VK-Collection is handmade in Detroit and Chicago from the two loveliest women ever: Valentina & Krista. They're both friends since 2005 and design the most classy and luxurious jewelry pieces you have ever seen and worn. ''We poured our hearts into this collection and aspired for it to be unique and versatile, with pieces that will make every woman feel special and stylish in her own way.'' - They said. 

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