April 22, 2014


MY LOVE FOR JUMPSUITS Remember the article where I told you about my cooperation with Pimkie? Well, this amazing black jumpsuit was the other thing I've chosen from their collection and I'm more than happy to finally show you this amazing piece styled and put together. I never had something like that in my closet before and were always curious about these jumpsuits because I never really knew how to wear and style them correctly. Since my last outfits on here were super colorful and bright, I decided to go ''back to the roots'' with an all black and elegant look. When I first tried on this jumpsuit it felt a little unusual because it's such a different thing for me to wear but after some minutes, well, this is THE most comfortable thing I've ever worn.

You basically feel like a little happy baby wearing his rompers, which is kind of crazy but as long as it's comfortable - it's all that matters, right? Another thing what I really love about this thing is that you can easily dress it up or down simply with adding accessories. Since this look was meant to be an elegant look I've chosen my beloved glamourous crystal strand necklace which is definitely the best eye-catcher you can add to any outfit. Instead of rings and bracelet I decided to go with some sparkly crystal earrings to make the top of this look even more glamourous and sparkly.

I guess you understand my obsession with my little Louis Vuitton bag and this was just the perfect bag I could chose for this particular look. Maybe a bag with silver hardware would've gone better with it but to be honest, I have no bag with silver hardware besides my bright neon pink one and I think that would've looked not so good. A bag with silver hardware is on my wishlist for such a long time now but I never find one which I really love. Maybe it's because I am definitely a gold person when it comes to details but for some look you just can't combine a bag with golden hardware. 

Jumpsuit - Pimkie
Necklace - ILY Couture
Shoes - Zara
Bag - Louis Vuitton ''Alma BB''
Earrings - Primark

April 20, 2014


NATURE AND IT'S BEAUTY First of all: I wish you all Happy Easter, beautiful people! Today's article is inspired and relayed to the japanese nature and culture. We went to this beautiful japanese garden where it almost felt like you really were in Japan. It was such a magical place and felt like a whole another world, especially when you're coming from a big and busy city like me, it was so relaxing and so much beautiful nature in one place. We were lucky to have the most sunny weather for this adventure so everything looked even more beautiful in the sunlight. I don't know about you but as soon as spring has sprung I am totally addicted with nature and it's beauty. I think most of us (including me) sometimes forget how stunning nature can be and how amazing and breathtaking places we have on this world. In spring, nature is pure inspiration to me and everything looks so powerful and strong, if you know what I mean.

I'm all about discovering new places this season and seeing nature that I haven't seen before. It's all about getting inspired and trying to inspire all the people around you.One thing I noticed right away in this garden is that the whole atmosphere was absolutely peaceful and they were no place for unkindness and moodiness. If you are able to spend a day in such a beautiful place, you basically have no right to be unhappy. You can forget about all you problems for a few hours and just enjoy the moment and the true beauty of our nature.

Now for the outfit I chose for this adventure: I've had this skirt for over a year now and almost forget about it. Every time I look at the print it reminds me of some asian prints so I had to wear it for this special location. I feel like this outfit is mixed with some older and some newer pieces which is always great 'cause we want to recycle our clothes, right? I paired this mint green sweater to go with this skirt and to bring a tiny bit of ''coziness'' back into the look. For shoes, of course I had to wear some heels because I feel like no look with a skirt is completed without a pair of heels. I really need to stock up on some summary heels because believe it or not, but these nude ones here are my only pair I have right now. Shame on me, I know.

Sweater - Forever 21
Skirt, Shoes - Zara
Rings, Earrings - H&M
Bag - Louis Vuitton ''Alma BB''

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