July 31, 2014


STATEMENTS FOR THE WIN Good evening loves❤ I really hope you're doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather. Today I have a complete neutral look again for you which you have no idea how hard it was for me to not grab all bright and colorful colors... But I just wanted to show you a more neutral look again and going slowly back to my basics. You will definitely see many more colorful looks, I'll promise, but for this one, it's all about the neutrals. You already know this amazing structured skirt which I've showed you in one previous article already - and I just had to combine it again as I'm loving it so much.

July 30, 2014


THE END OF JULY Today is the 30th of July which means it's time for a brand new 'monthly loves' article. Now, you may have noticed that there were no article last months and that's just because my favorites haven't changed at all. It's always quite difficult for me to find new favorites because when I have some together, I tend to stick to them all the time. This month there's something new that I wanted to show you and that I've loved for the month of July. As I'm typing this it sounds quite surreal to me that we're already at the beginning of August. Like what?! Only 5 full month to go and 2014 is over. Absolutely crazy how time flies and we don't even notice it until the time is gone...

July 29, 2014


THE SUMMER SIMPLICITY I have mentioned it in so many recent articles that I'm absolutely a simplicity lover and I believe that simplicity is the key to all true elegance. Today here is a not so colorful but super simplique summer outfit when you want to stay comfortable but look elegant at the same time. We all know that it can get very hard in the summer time to dress up because of the heat but this look totally came in handy. As you may have noticed, I turned into such a huge skirt lover in the last couple of months which I never was. Especially for this heatwave which is going around over here right know there's nothing better than a little comfy skirt.

July 25, 2014


LIVING THE GOODLIFE Who else is obsessed with living the goodlife and having a classy breakfast in bed every now and then? Well then I have the perfect article today for you. Everyone right now on the social medias is raving about living the goodlife and living life to the fullest but what does that even mean? For me personally, it isn't about being rich and living your live on the limit and not caring about anything. Living the goodlife for me means making THE BEST you can out of your personal life. Making YOU feel happy and blessed and trying to make every single day the best you can.
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