April 14, 2014


IT'S GETTING SUNNY I couldn't be happier with spring being finally around us and with the sun shining more and more every day. You already know that spring is for sure my favorite season of the year and not only because the weather gets so pleasant, because I am such a huge lover of those beautiful pink cherry blossoms which are only blooming in the middle of spring for a few weeks. If you're reading the Trendique over a year now then you know that every year around this time I'm going to this place and just enjoy these beautiful pink trees. This year, they're blooming quite early compared to last year, so we had the chance to shoot outfit pictures earlier this year. I wish they were blooming all year long because they bring such a beautiful, even peaceful atmosphere to some places.

Every time when I see those cherry blossoms I get so incredibly inspired and happy which makes me realize how stunning nature can be. Did you know that cherry blossoms actually came from Japan? I always find it so interesting how a tree and some blossoms can have a really big story behind itself. In Japan, cherry blossoms (桜) are one of the most important symbols of the japanese culture. She stands for beauty, departure and transience. The time of the cherry blossom marks the highest point in the japanese calendar and of course, the beginning of spring.

Now for the outfit I chose for this look, I tried to focus on black, white and silver but still wanted to have a little colorful eye-catcher. I almost forgot about this amazing neon pink bag I got in New York one year ago, so I paired it with this look. Since the weather wasn't that warm and it was a little windy I had to wear some tights because it would've been too cool for a skirt without some tights. Let's talk a little bit about this skirt: I was on a hunt for a skirt which have these unequal material in the front but I didn't want it to be leather. When I saw this one at H&M the other day I immediately fell in love with it. Not only because the zippers but because of the strechy and comfortable material as well.

Shirt, skirt, tights, rings - H&M
Blazer, shoes - Zara
Bag - Aldo
Necklace - eBay

April 11, 2014


SKIN CARE ROUTINE Today I am finally back with a brand new beauty talk article which I haven't done in quite some time now. For this article we're focusing on skin care and my all time favorites which I use every single day. Taking good care of your skin is such a important step and every woman should definitely have her own routine for morning and nighttime. If you have read one of my last beauty talk articles, then you know that I've struggled a LOT with my skin (I still do) and never found the right products. Finding the right products for your skin is the most important step when it comes to skin care because every skin type is so different. It goes from sensitive to normal skin, from acne prone to oily skin and from dry to combination skin. At first you have to find out your personal skin type, then you can start searching for your right products. Since I'm struggling with acne for so many years now and also have oily to combination skin, I have a little mixture going on with my skin care products.

I never go to bed without doing my skin care routine and trust me, this is such a important step you shouldn't miss because at night your skin has the chance to regenerate itself and has some kind of ''time to relax''. To take off my foundation and get rid of any oils on my skin I use the Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser which does an amazing job in reducing excess oils from your skin while leaving the skin looking more balanced. Afterwards I use a toner which is my favorite step. I have to ones which I basically switch up how my skin feels that day. My absolute favorite toner for stressed and irritated skin is the Kiehls Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner (Alcohol-Free) which is made with whole flowers and pure extracts to soothes the skin. When I feel like my skin isn't that irritated but still is a little too oily, then I use the Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner which has a hydrating formula to balance and freshen the skin.

After cleansing and toning you skin it is super important to use a lotion to hydrate you skin. Since we're having spring right now and the weather gets warmer, our skin usually don't need THAT much of hydration as in winter. I'm using the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion which has a lightweight formula but still is hydrating your skin the whole day. Winter is a whole different story for your skin and it gets even more dry because of the cold weather so I switch up my Oil-Free lotion to the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Creme which does an incredible job in keeping your skin hydrating for 24-hours and protects it from the cold which is a great thing in winter.

These are all the products I use on an everyday base, every morning and night. But then I have some products which I use maybe one to two times a week or it depends on how my skin feels. You may have noticed that I don't have a peeling in my everyday routine and that is because those peelings can really damage your skin because of the little grains they have inside, so the best thing you can do is getting a Granule-Free exfoliator. I'm using and loving the Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Exfoliator and this stuff is the most amazing thing I've ever used! You apply it with dry hands on cleansed and dry face and massage it gently until the texture liquefies on the skin. Then you're rinse it of with water and you're done and your skin feels amazingly soft. 
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